Where can I check/change my address?

To confirm or edit your address, please check the settings by following the steps below.

■How to check/change billing address

You can set your billing address on the "Credit card change screen".
The address used as the "billing address" during payment will be automatically registered as the "default address" , so if there is an error in the billing address, please correct it.

>>See how to change your credit card

■How to check/change the default address

You can edit your registered address by logging into your BMSG SHOP account > "My Account" screen > Scroll > "Edit Address" .

The address you entered when placing your order may be automatically registered.
The address for the benefits delivered from B-Town will be the "default address" , so we recommend that you register only one default address.

▼Click here to check the settings
*When you log in, the My Account screen will be displayed.


If you are registering your address using only numbers after the city, ward, town, or village, we recommend that you enter the numbers and symbols in full-width characters .
We recommend that you register your phone number in the format "0*0-****-****" with hyphens instead of +81.

If your address is incorrectly registered, we may not be able to deliver your ordered product. Please check it regularly.