[About shipping schedule for March]

[About shipping schedule for March]

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▼About shipping schedule for March

We plan to ship the products on the following dates.

・BMSG WEEKLY CALENDAR 2024: Scheduled to be shipped from March 25th (Monday) to March 27th (Wednesday)


- If you order multiple items with different delivery dates, the items will be shipped according to the later delivery date.
-Delivery may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather, traffic conditions, production status, etc.
・Products will not be shipped in the order of order date, but in the order in which the ordered products arrive.
・We cannot respond to inquiries regarding the delivery date of each order or the estimated shipping date.
・If you wish to change the address of an order that includes a reserved item with a shipping date, please contact us using the inquiry form at least one week before the shipping date.
・Since the shipping notification email is automatically sent when the invoice is output, it may take several days for it to be reflected in the shipping company's system.
If it does not appear, please check again later.


Before contacting us, please use the FAQ and the "automatic chat" displayed at the bottom right.