Regarding payments at BMSG SHOP | Notice of introduction of identity authentication (3D Secure)

Thank you for your continued support of BMSG.

B-Town has introduced a credit card payment method via Shopify payment, and from March 2024, "identity authentication (3D Secure)" has become mandatory.

3D Secure refers to a credit card authentication service.

Due to fraud prevention measures and the mandatory 3D Secure, we have received many inquiries regarding failures in payments for Architect automatic renewals, which will take place from April 1st. If you are experiencing issues with your payment not going through, failing, or being put on hold, please read this article to the end.

- Customers who enrolled in B-Town by March 18, 2024 and use cards that require "identity authentication (3D Secure)"

Reasons for payment failure
・A card that does not support identity authentication (3D Secure) has been registered
・The procedure for identity authentication (3D Secure) has not been completed since the email was sent

[Check your email]

*Please check if you have received the email below from BMSG (

Subject: Finalize your subscription payment

*When opening the email, please press and hold the "Confirm payment information" button in the email and open it in a browser such as Chrome, rather than using the in-app browser.

[What to do if you haven't received the email]

① Change your credit card
After logging in to your My Account screen, go to "B-Town Plan" and click "View Details" for the plan you are currently subscribed to to change your credit card.
Click here to change your credit card

② Try manual payment
After logging in to B-Town (BMSG SHOP), you can pay with the credit card registered to your BMSG SHOP account by going to My Account > B-Town Plan > and clicking the "Make payment for this month" button.
>>Check out the B-Town plan
* It may not be possible to change the card due to payment processing .

[What to do if you are unable to change your card or make a manual payment]

When you submit the form below, you will receive an automatic reply with the URL for the payment page.
*The payment page will be unavailable from Monday, April 22nd to Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024 due to system renovations.

>> Submit Architect repayment form
Please note that automatic payments are made on the 1st-2nd and 5th-6th of each month, so you will not be able to make payments from the individual payment pages. If your payment fails, please first try making a "manual payment."

>>Submit Resident Repayment Form

*If you are making payment via the payment page, please do not make "manual payment" from the B-Town plan after making the payment.