[Lawson Ticket] How can I check the application history and results of advance tickets?

[How to check your application history]
Please proceed to the application screen by clicking "▶︎Click here for advance ticket reception◀︎ (*example)" on the information blog for advance tickets that you have applied for on the limited page.

You can check your application history and results of winnings and losses from My Page in the upper left of the screen you proceeded to from the application button .

▼Check the advance ticket information blog
Architect limited page / Resident limited page

Please log in and confirm by entering the "password (*4-digit half-width alphanumeric characters)" that you set when you applied for advance registration.

Inquiries regarding tickets and reception methods
Lawson ticket information
*If you have any questions regarding tickets, application, or payment methods, please be sure to contact Lawson Ticket within the period. Please note that we will not be able to respond to inquiries made after the reception has closed or if you contact BMSG/B-Town.