2023/8 Architect Contents

Hello, B-Town residents!

We will inform you of the B-Town (Architect) content for August next month. Some of it will also be published on Resident, so please check it out until the end ☑️
Look forward to next month's B-Town!


⚫︎SKY-HI Memo

⚫︎Architect limited Instagram LIVE distribution
⚪︎8/1 (Tue) Time undetermined Part of the rehearsal will be streamed from the trainee showcase site
⚪︎8/2 (Wednesday) around 19:00 edhiii boi Instagram LIVE broadcast
⚪︎8/6 (Sunday) Time to be determined Partial distribution of camera workshop
⚪︎8/8 (Tue) around 18:00 LIVE news from Money (BFQ)
⚪︎SKY-HI Instagram LIVE (date and time to be determined)

⚫︎Resident limited LIVE distribution
⚪︎8/17 (Thursday) around 19:00 edhiii boi LIVE distribution *The distribution URL and viewing method will be notified separately via email or activity.

⚫︎8/6 (Sun) Camera workshop & talk show by Takahiro Tsuboi *Entry registration has ended.

⚫︎Trainee diary

⚫︎BMSG training staff diary


In addition, special content not listed here will also be released!

Look forward to next month's B-Town (Architect)! (staff)

*All items listed here are "planned". Please note.