May 2024 Content Announcement

Hello B-Town!

We are pleased to announce the B-Town (Architect) content for May.
Some of it will also be available on Resident, so be sure to check it out until the end☑️

Video messages from BMSG artists and trainees will be released for residents who have been living in B-Town (Architect or Resident) since before March 2023!
*Residents who join after May 2023 will be able to view the listing 13 months after joining.

■SKY-HI's notes

■Architect-exclusive Instagram LIVE broadcast


■B-Town Event

■ Rehearsal viewing (entry)
"SKY-HI TOUR 2024 -HPY LIFE-" Live tour of 11 performances in 10 cities nationwide
B-Town(Architect) & SKY-HI Official Fanclub "FLYERS" Members Only

June event (Aichi, Niigata, Saitama, Chiba)
May 1 (Wed) - 7 (Tue) 2024
*Winners will be announced on Friday, May 17th at around 18:00


*The start time of all Instagram LIVE broadcasts may vary.
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