[BMSG WEEKLY CALENDAR 2024 Architect advance order sale announcement]

We have decided to sell the "BMSG WEEKLY CALENDAR", which was planned together with the residents of Architect.

Prior to the general sale, we will conduct a pre-order sale for Architect residents.

A weekly calendar designed using famous quotes in addition to photos collected from everyone and exclusive images only available here. The result is a product with plenty to see, featuring a variety of scenes from on-stage photos to off-shots.

Those who purchase Architect during this pre-sale will receive the following special edition .
・Architect limited cover (different cover design from the regular edition)
・Architect limited page (Additional 5 pages from 2/25 to 3/24 week that are not available in the regular version)
・Architect limited mount (photo design different from the regular version)

Please take this opportunity to purchase it♪

【Selling price】
¥3,500 (tax included)

[Order sales period]
January 22, 2024 (Monday) 10:00 to January 28, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59

[Shipping schedule]
Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from late February 2024
Sales site URL: https://bmsg.shop
The password is only available in Architect activities.

*Open the sales site and scroll down to the bottom to find the entrance to the B-Town ONLINE SHOP.
*If you cannot enter your password, please copy the URL and access it using a browser (Safari, Google, etc.).
*If you are using an iPhone, please press and hold the link to launch your browser and access. 

・We plan to go on general sale at a later date. Please note that if you purchase from the general sale, even if you are an Architect resident, you will receive the regular version, not the limited edition. (The general selling price is also scheduled to be ¥3,500 (tax included), regardless of whether there are benefits or not.)
Purchase is limited to one item per person.
・If we discover resale on a resale site, etc., we will take action to withdraw your membership as soon as we can identify the individual.
・Many errors occur when entering the email address or address when placing an order. We recommend that you register as a SHOP member ( https://bmsg.shop/account/register ) in advance before sales begin.
・If you use a mobile phone email address, you may not receive an order completion email due to spam settings. Please set your settings in advance so that you can receive emails from "info@bmsg.shop".
・Payment can be made by credit card or Paidy ( https://paidy.com ).