B-Town Renewal 1st Anniversary "Friend Referral Campaign" now running!

B-Town will be holding an online event in March 2023 to celebrate the first anniversary of its renewal. We will be holding a "B-Town New Membership/Friend Referral Campaign".

In addition, we will be releasing limited video messages from BMSG artists and trainees as a continuing benefit to current members who joined by March 2023. *Scheduled to be released in mid-April

Please read the details below carefully, and if you are interested, please take this opportunity to join B-Town!

To apply the referral campaign, you must submit the form and order the reward.

[Campaign period]
April 1st (Monday) 12:00 - May 7th (Tuesday) 11:59
Form submission and bonus charm order deadline: May 12th (Sun) 23:59
Delivery period of the bonus: Scheduled for the end of May to mid-June

*Please submit the form only if you or your friends have joined B-Town during the period.
>>Submit the form

[How to apply for the referral campaign]
1. Join B-Town during the campaign period (and have your friend join)
② Submit the form ③ After submitting the form, order the rewards for the course your friend signed up for from the "Order Page" listed on the completion screen or auto-reply email ④ The campaign procedure is complete

▼ What to enter in the form

[①New Membership without Referral]
・Email address ・Name ・Telephone number

[② If you join through a friend's introduction]
Your ① information and the resident number of the friend who introduced you (8 digits)
Your date of birth

[3) If you introduce a friend and they join] *Existing members
Your ① information, your resident registration number, and the date of birth of your friend who joined

[When you are not eligible for the campaign]
・You joined outside the campaign period. ・The form submission or order procedure was not completed within the period (in the case of a referral).
Your friend did not submit the form. The information you submitted was incorrect, so we were unable to confirm your referral.
- The form submission or order process was not completed within the specified period.

If there are any errors in the form, we will not be able to send you the reward. Please check carefully before submitting.
Please note that if we are unable to confirm your order and submit the form within the deadline, we will be unable to deliver your reward.

■ Email address for automatic replies and contact
b_town_info@bmsg.co.jp / info@bmsg.shop / no-reply@form.run
*Please make sure that you are set up to receive emails from B-Town.

*Resale of B-Town original charms is strictly prohibited.
*The number of B-Town original charms is limited. Once they are gone, the giveaway will end. Thank you for your understanding.

■ Inquiries regarding the "B-Town New Membership/Introduction Campaign"
B-Town Inquiry Form
*Please note that it may take 3 to 5 business days for us to respond to your inquiry.
*Replies from B-Town will be sent to one of the following email addresses. Some people have received an error message when replying. Please make sure that you can receive emails.
Domain: @bmsg.co.jp / @bmsg.shop / @form.run
Email address: b_town_info@bmsg.co.jp / info@bmsg.shop / no-reply@form.run
*If you have not received a reply for over a week or are unsure whether you can receive our reply or not, please contact us again with a secondary email address included in the body of your email.