Thank you for always supporting BMSG Co., Ltd. and its artists.
BMSG Co., Ltd. will renew its fan club from around the summer of 2024.

Since 2021, the mobile app "BMSG App" has been patronized by many fan club members. In order to continue, we will renew the fan club from around the summer of 2024.
We will notify you as soon as details regarding membership plans, content, and migration procedures are finalized, so please wait.
While valuing what we have built with everyone, we will continue to aim to become a fan club that will be loved by many people for a long time.

Prior to the renewal, the ability to earn new mileage points for the BMSG App you are currently using will end as of today. Thank you for your understanding.

Depending on the mileage points you have accumulated, we will send special digital photos to the email address you have registered with the fan club. Furthermore, to members who have accumulated a large number of mileage points, we will also send coupons that can be used at BMSG SHOP according to the mileage points.

Digital photos and coupons that can be used at BMSG SHOP are scheduled to be shipped around spring. We hope that you will look forward to receiving your order.

With the spread of the Internet, we are now in an era where you can get information about your favorite artists and idols 24 hours a day.
Since BMSG was founded, we have been looking for the most fun and wonderful way to communicate between performers and fans, and now we have an answer.
Hear their voices, see their faces, receive their thoughts... Please look forward to this app that will help you expand your support and communicate with the artists!
We are always with you.

2024.01.11 BMSG CEO SKY-HI

*Please note that you can continue to enjoy the online salon B-Town on our website and Architect's dedicated Instagram.

For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact us using the form below.