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In 2021, she participated in the audition "THE FIRST" sponsored by SKY-HI despite having no experience in singing or dancing. Due to his rapid growth and high potential for music, he was signed as a trainee, and later participated in SKY-HI's song "One More Day."Although he is a newcomer, he has a strong love for music, overwhelming singing ability, and a unique groove. A next-generation singer with a unique soft sensibility.
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In 2020, when he was in the first year of junior high school, he participated in the audition program and program "THE FIRST". With her sexy singing voice and expressiveness that are unimaginable for her age, as well as her carefree smile and friendly nature, she has left a strong presence in the world with each broadcast. When he was eliminated at the end of the program, all of Japan cried, but right after that, he was given a handwritten pledge from SKY-HI, and during the audition program, he was offered an unusual trainee contract. Six months later, he participated in SKY-HI's work 14th Syndrome, and has been making his beautiful voice roar at live performances and events. In 2022, when he turned 15, he finally produced his first solo song "Diamond" and also participated in SKY-HI's national tour "Cho Eight Men Rokuten". He is currently the most anticipated amateur singer.



A 14-year-old who has participated in many freestyle battles since elementary school and has accumulated achievements and experience. In 2021, at the audition and content "THE FIRST" sponsored by SKY-HI, she attracted attention for her commitment to the quality of her performance, which is not typical of a junior high school student, and her adorable side that is suitable for her age, and in the same year, she guest-performed on SKY-HI's song. Participate. After that, he continued to release works, and in 2022 it was announced that he would be affiliated with SKY-HI's management/label "BMSG". Armed with strong-willed words, a reliable beat approach, and dancing that is rich in groove and skill, he is blessed with peers and seniors who are close to his age, and is a talented person with a bright future ahead of him.



In 2022, when he was in his first year of high school, he participated in MISSIONx2, which created the second BMSG boy group. SKY-HI fell in love with her sexy low voice, expressiveness, and deep love for music, and it was announced that she would be affiliated with BMSG. When they took to the stage for the first time as the opening act of SKY-HI ARENA TOUR 2023-BOSSDOM-, KANON's singing voice caused an echo in the venue. He is an amateur singer with such talent that his future growth is terrifying.



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