BMSG TRAINEE Showcase 2023 [B-Town limited]


Blu-ray of "BMSG TRAINEE Showcase 2023" held at Toyosu PIT on July 31, 2023 and August 1, 2023 and a CD of Trainee's new songs.

The Blu-ray includes not only the live performance on August 1st, but also behind-the-scenes footage from that day.

In addition, a special long version of Behind The Scenes of RUI/KANON's "Voice"/TAIKI's "KARATE KID" music video is also included!

The CD includes a total of four songs newly released by the trainees: "Koe/RUI・KANON," "KARATE KID/TAIKI," "Yume no Naka/RUI," and "No More/REIKO."

*B-Town members only purchase benefit: Original photo ZINE (16P)

<Contents included>


⚫︎“BMSG TRAINEE Showcase 2023” 2023.08.01@Toyosu PIT

⚫Behind The Scenes -BMSG TRAINEE Showcase 2023-

⚫︎RUI・KANON / Voice -Music Video-

⚫︎TAIKI / KARATE KID -Music Video-

⚫︎Behind The Scenes -Voice Music Video Shooting-

⚫Behind The Scenes -KARATE KID Music Video Shooting-


  1. Voice (RUI・KANON)
  3. In a dream (RUI)
  4. No More (REIKO)

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