How to join B-Town membership and Sign up for a BMSG SHOP account.


 STEP1 Sign up


To participate in B-Town,please create a "BMSG SHOP account".

Click here to sign up.
*We recommend you to use Gmail.


STEP2 Join B-Town

Please login to your BMSG SHOP account .

Select [Architect Plan] or [Resident Plan] from the join page and proceed to the cart.

Payment by credit card only. (VISA・JCB・MasterCard・American Express)
*PayPal is not accepted.



STEP3 Sign-in

Enjoy the member page of the plan you have joined. Login is required.

【Architect】membership page 

【Resident】 membership page


STEP4Architect Plan Only
Follow our Instagram

1: Register your Instagram ID in your BMSG SHOP account.

Log in to your BMSG SHOP account > "My Account" > scroll > "Edit Account" button (アカウント編集) and set your Instagram ID.

▼ Click here to Login&set up


2: Follow us on Instagram
The [ Architect Plan Exclusive] Instagram account is in this article
>>Check  *The article is in Japanese.

It will take approximately 3 days to confirm your follow request.

[Architect] If you cannot view our Instagram

When your follow request was deleted
The Instagram ID registered on the BMSG SHOP account may not match your Instagram ID.

If you are suddenly removed from a follower 
This is an example of what causes a follower to be removed.

  • Subscription payment failed.
    Please login to your BMSG SHOP account and try to pay through [B-Townプラン].
  • Your Instagram ID has changed.
    Please correct the Instagram ID registered to your BMSG SHOP account.
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you tried viewing from a different account.
  • The ID registered on your BMSG Shop account did not match your actual ID. We check IDs regularly. Please update to your current Instagram ID.
  •  Instagram is experiencing an error. Please try again at a later time.
  • Your account was suspended by Instagram.


Contact Us

If you cannot find an answer to your issue, please contact us by submitting this contact form.
*The form is in Japanese,but you are welcome to write in English. Our reply may include auto translation