Is there a way to check if I have joined?

To check if you are a member of B-Town, log in to your BMSG SHOP account and check if the plan name you have applied for is displayed under "B-Town Plan" on the My Account screen.

Confirmation method

My Account > B-Town Plan > Check the "Plan name you applied for"
>>Log in to your BMSG SHOP account
B-Town Plan > If the "Plan name you applied for" is displayed, then you can rest assured that you have been enrolled. 


*If you log in and only see regular subscriptions for the B-Town plan, and the "name of the plan you have applied for" is not displayed , it is possible that you are not a member or that you have signed up with a different email address than the account you are currently logged in with.

First, please check if you can log in to your BMSG SHOP account (=B-Town) with your email address.
*If you are unable to log in, please leave the password input box blank on the login screen and try resetting your password by clicking on "Forgot your password?"

Or, please refer to the following FAQ.
[FAQ] I have paid but I can't see the limited page
If you are in a hurry, please go through the membership process again, and we will only cancel and refund your payment if we find that you have already joined within the same month .

If you are unable to confirm your membership, please contact the B-Town inquiry desk (chat format) .