I don't receive birthday emails or messages when articles are updated.

Emails from B-Town are sent from the domain [@bmsg.shop] or [b_town_info@bmsg.co.jp] .

To ensure that messages are delivered reliably, please check the notification reception settings on the "Account Edit Screen" again.

<How to check reception settings>
■For those using free email addresses
If you use a free email address such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, your email may be sorted into your "spam" folder.
If you have not received the email, please check your "Spam" folder and "Trash" folder before it is automatically deleted.

■For those using a smartphone or mobile phone email address If you have specified email reception/rejection settings, please set it so that you can receive emails from the [@bmsg.shop] domain.

・Please cancel the "Rejection setting for e-mails with URLs" or set to receive e-mails.
・Please cancel the "Batch Rejection of PC Mail" setting or set up to receive it.
・Please cancel "Easy Settings" and "Impersonation Restrictions" or change the settings to (Low).
・Please cancel the "block setting" for spam mail or set it individually.

*For those using au
When using au, "Impersonation Restrictions" is set to (High) by default.
If this "impersonation restriction" is set to (high), there is a possibility that the email will not be delivered at all.
Please be sure to change "Impersonation Restrictions" to (low) before registering.

[Procedure for registering date of birth]
You can set birthday and email notifications (receive notifications) by logging into your BMSG SHOP account > "My Account" screen > Scroll > "Edit Account".

▼Click here to log in

If birthday settings and notification reception are turned off, birthday messages cannot be delivered.