Regarding payments and cancellations on the old site (CAMPFIRE)

B-Town membership on the old site (CAMPFIRE) will be automatically canceled at the end of February 2023. Payments will not be made after March 2023. Since the old site (CAMPFIRE) was a monthly payment course, there will be no refunds due to the renewal.

The account you registered when using the old site (CAMPFIRE) and the BMSG SHOP account after the renewal are different. If you wish to join B-Town after the renewal, please create a BMSG SHOP account and proceed to join.

[FAQ] Please tell me how to join.

Although you cannot view the old site (CAMPFIRE) activity, you can view the messages received on CAMPFIRE by logging into CAMPFIRE below.

▼Log in to CAMPFIRE
*If you are unable to log in to CAMPFIRE, please contact CAMPFIRE.

Content that was posted on the old site (CAMPFIRE) activities can be viewed on the renewed residents-only page of this site.