[Resident] Please tell me how to pay if the payment for renewal fails.

If you fail to pay for automatic renewal, your contract status will become " paused " and you will no longer be able to view member-only pages.

Please pay any outstanding renewal amounts using one of the following methods:
*You cannot cancel your subscription if it is paused.

■ Manual: Pay by clicking the "Pay for this month" button

If your payment fails, you can try to make the payment again yourself.
*An error message will be displayed while attempting automatic payment, so please wait a while and try again.

After logging in to B-Town (BMSG SHOP), you can pay with the credit card registered to your BMSG SHOP account by going to My Account > B-Town Plan > and clicking the "Make payment for this month" button.

>>Check out the B-Town plan

Click here to change your credit card
* You may not be able to change your card due to the payment being processed . Please wait a while and try again.

 Automatic: Pay with repayment

If your manual payment cannot be confirmed, a repayment will be automatically made to your registered credit card.

Please register a card that can be used for payment before re-payment.
*Please use a card that supports identity authentication (3D Secure).
Click here to change your credit card

Individual support : Pay via the payment page

First , please try re-paying by clicking the "Make payment" button on the B-Town plan screen above .
*Individual support is available to those who receive an error message when clicking the "Make payment" button on the B-Town plan or those who have failed to make an "automatic repayment."

When you submit the form below, you will receive an automatic reply with the URL for the payment page.

*The payment page will be unavailable from Monday, April 22nd to Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024 due to system renovations.
>> Submit a repayment payment page request form
*If you are making payment via the payment page, please do not make "manual payment" from the B-Town plan after making the payment.

If your payment fails, please first try "manual payment."
To access the individual payment page, please log in using the account that is causing the payment failure.