COREwithOUTER Necklace [Scheduled to ship in late June]


An original piece of jewelry created as a symbol of the bond between Novel Core and his fandom, "OUTER."

The necklace chain features a motif of the OUTER logos holding hands designed between the chain and on the clasp. The deliberately asymmetrical placement of the motif expresses Novel Core's philosophy that "OUTER can be diverse and complex. There is no such thing as how it should be."
The chain can be used alone or with a charm attached. Each motif can be attached to a clasp and used as an adjuster to adjust the length of the chain.

We have used 925 silver as the material, and have thoroughly pursued creating accessories that are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

In addition, the clasp is engraved with "COREwithOUTER" in Novel Core's own handwriting, making this a masterpiece designed and produced by Novel Core himself, with attention to detail.

* Because this product has a delicate and sharp design, we have deliberately left one part unsoldered (the process of melting metal to eliminate seams between parts) to prevent the necklace from getting caught on something and being pulled while being worn, which could cause injury to the customer.
Therefore, you may find that it is a little easier to come off than regular products.
Please be aware of this

*This product includes the original chain only. The pendant is not included.

[Size] Chain 50cm
[Material] Silver 925
[Country of Origin] Japan

[Shipping Schedule]
Scheduled to ship in late June 2024


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