edhiii boi, RUI, TAIKI / EP “15th Dream” (BMSG SHOP)


recorded music

  1. Nightmare (Prod. MONJOE) / edhiii boi, RUI, TAIKI
  2. Diamond (Prod. PARKGOLF) / RUI
  3. 0 kawaii / edhiii boi
  4. On The Way (Prod. Anan Kaminaka) / TAIKI
  5. Anytime, Anywhere (Prod. tofubeats) / edhiii boi, RUI, TAIKI


Price: ¥1,500 (tax included)

Contains 5 songs in total, 2 songs by the three members and 1 solo song each.

The song under the names of the three members is a summer tune full of positive vibes, "Anytime," which is based on the discotic track of tofubeats, and the trio raps and sings in a three-person style with the theme of "summer vacation." "Nightmare" is an aggressive dance tune created with the theme of "nightmare" produced by DATS vocalist/songwriter and track maker MONJOE.

 Each solo song is a love song ``kawaii'' that directly depicts the love that edhiii boi had in the past, set to the pop track of Neon Genesis Seki-chan. RUI's first solo song "Diamond" is a mellow track by PARKGOLF, a beat maker/producer from Sapporo, Hokkaido, filled with life-sized lyrics that describe his hopes and anxieties for the future. Set to an emotional track by up-and-coming track maker Anan Kaminaka, the song "On The Way" depicts TAIKI's thoughts toward the future in straightforward words and is delivered with an evolved flow, and the extraordinary talents of three people. It is a content that was fully demonstrated.


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