"HERO" Gloves


A bandana produced in commemoration of "Novel Core ONEMAN LIVE -Untitled- at Toyosu PIT".

The diamond design surrounding the Novel Core logo placed in the center and the OUTER logo, which has the same diamond texture, express the relationship between him and the fandom.

This piece is packed with Novel Core 's commitment to aging, paisley reconstruction, and a large size that allows you to arrange and use it as you like.

[Handling precautions]

•Color may transfer due to sweat or friction. Please be careful when combining with other clothing.

•Do not stack wet laundry with other laundry as there is a risk of color transfer.

•Avoid bleach and bleach-containing detergent specifications.

•When washing with water, there is a risk of some shrinkage.

[Size] Approx. 70cm x 70cm

[Material] 100 % cotton

[Country of origin] China

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