The Sun from the EAST / The Moon in the WEST [Scheduled to ship in late April 2024]


A total of 23 artists and trainees belonging to BMSG participated in the special song "The Sun from the EAST / The Moon in the WEST" divided into two teams, EAST and WEST.

This work includes the music video for the same track, which was released on September 18, 2023, the third anniversary of the establishment of the agency, and also includes an approximately 80-minute gorgeous documentary that follows the visual shooting, recording, and music video shooting process. .

A special video disc only available at BMSG SHOP!

*The distribution of the purchase benefit “BMSG New Year Postcard 2024” has ended.

■Chapter list
1. The Sun from the EAST - Music Video -
2. The Moon in the WEST - Music Video -
3. Behind The Scenes - Photo Shooting -
4. Behind The Scenes - Recording -
5. Behind The Scenes - Music Video Shooting -

■Shipping period
Scheduled to ship in late April 2024


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