I made the payment, but I can't see the limited page

If you cannot see the limited page, you may have placed an order as a guest without registering or logging in to a BMSG SHOP account when joining B-Town.

You will be able to access B-Town using one of the following methods.

■Register for a BMSG SHOP account using the email address you used when placing your order.

If you try resetting your password and it still says you don't have an account, it's possible that your BMSG SHOP account hasn't been created . Please register a new BMSG SHOP account using the email address you entered when you joined B-Town.

>Proceed to new registration

*Gmail or Yahoo is recommended as the email address used for registration.
Recommended settings for those using carrier email addresses

[FAQ]: Check the new registration method

■If you entered the wrong email address when signing up (ordering)

If you join B-Town with an incorrect email address, your order will be canceled. Please check whether you have a BMSG SHOP account that you can log in to, and then join B-Town using your BMSG SHOP account before contacting us. To cancel, please submit the cancellation form below.

>Submit the duplicate membership/cancellation investigation request form

* The cancellation form is for "those who have made duplicate payments or multiple payments using different accounts."
*Cancellations (cancellations/refunds) due to customer convenience are not covered and cannot be accepted. (I bought it by mistake for a fan club/I want to change my plan, etc.)
*If you have multiple BMSG SHOP accounts, please choose the one BMSG SHOP account that you will continue to use before submitting the form.