What should I do if the card payment is not completed?

If you receive an error when making a card payment, please check the following.

■For those whose screen does not move on the payment screen

Please close all tabs on your screen and try again with a new tab in your browser (Safari or Chrome).

Also, please check whether the plan you applied for is displayed in the " B-Town Plan " of the account you were logged in to.

[FAQ]: Is there a way to check if I have joined?

If the payment has been completed, you may have received an email, so please check your email as well.

■An example of why payment cannot be made

- Incorrect card information input (name, card number, expiration date, security code)
- Insufficient funds
- The card has expired
- Is there a possibility of exceeding the usage limit?
- Is there a possibility that the request was rejected due to unusual usage (high-value payments, etc.)?

- Terminal environment
If you open the B-Town page from SNS, email, LINE, etc., the behavior may differ from normal.
Please try applying using a browser such as Safari or Chrome.