I can not log in

I'm sorry to hear that you cannot log in.
Could you please check the following steps in order?

Try resetting your password

▼You can reset your password from the login screen.
*If the information saved on your device has been automatically filled in, please leave the password input field blank and proceed with the "Forgot your password?" procedure.

② If you are not registered when resetting your password,

It is possible that you placed an order as a guest without registering or logging in to a BMSG SHOP account.
Please make sure your email address is correct and then register using the email address you used to place your order.

▼Click here for the new registration screen

Reference FAQ: Is there a way to check if I have joined?

3. If you cannot see the restricted page even after logging in

[Possible causes]
・You are logged in with an email address (account) other than the one you used to sign up. ・You entered the wrong email address when you signed up. ・Your sign-up was not completed.

If you are in the situation described in ②, it is possible that the email address you used to sign up for B-Town has not been registered as an account.

Reference FAQ: I paid but I can't see the limited page

[Check out the Architect members-only page]

[ Check out the Resident members-only page ]

If you are in a hurry or do not know the email address you used to register, you can "re-register" with B-Town using an email address that can be used to log in to your BMSG SHOP account, and we will cancel your duplicate membership later .


Even if you are unable to view the content due to issues such as being unable to log in, we cannot cancel or provide refunds for your B-Town membership once you have joined.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact B-Town via chat .

*If you think you may have registered the wrong email address, please contact us with the email address you would like to change and a backup email address that can receive emails (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).