I can not log in

We are sorry to hear that you are unable to log in.
Could you please check the following steps in order?

①Try resetting your password

▼You can reset your password from the login screen.
*If the information saved on your device is automatically entered, please leave the password input field blank and proceed from the "Forgot your password?" section.

② If it is displayed that there is no registration when resetting the password

It is possible that you placed an order as a guest without registering or logging into your BMSG SHOP account.
Please make sure your email address is correct and then register using the email address you used for your order.

▼Click here for new registration screen

Reference FAQ: Is there a way to check if I have joined?

③ If you cannot see the limited page even after logging in

[Possible cause]
・You are logged in to a different email address (account) from the one you joined. ・You entered the email address incorrectly when you joined. ・You did not complete your membership.

In the situation described in ②, it is possible that the email address used to join B-Town does not have an account registered.

Reference FAQ: I made the payment, but I can't see the limited page

[Check the Architect member-only page]

[ Check the Resident member- only page ]

If you are in a hurry or do not know the email address you used to join, please re-enroll in B-Town using an email address that can be used to log into your BMSG SHOP account, and we will cancel the duplicate membership later. It is possible.

>>Cancellation form for duplicate membership

Even if you are unable to view the content due to problems such as being unable to log in, once you have joined B-Town, we cannot cancel or refund your membership.

Please check the FAQ page and the bot displayed at the bottom right, and if the issue is not resolved, please contact us using the B-Town inquiry form .

*If you may have registered your email address by mistake, please contact us and include the email address you wish to change and the email address you can receive as a backup (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).