Videos on limited pages cannot be viewed

If you are unable to view the videos on the limited page, please try the following solutions.

① Check if it is open in your browser (Chrome or Safari)

If the video is opened in the "in-app browser" of Instagram, Twitter, or an email app, the video may not be displayed correctly.

② Check for updates on your device

To find out how to update, please search for "device name update method" on Google. *The latest version may not be supported depending on the release timing of some updates.

②Please check for updates to your browser such as the Chrome app.

Please check the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) for apps that require updates. We recommend that you update to the latest version. *The latest version may not be supported depending on the release timing of some updates.

③ Try listening by switching the internet to Wi-Fi or mobile communication.

④ Please restart your device.

If you have multiple tabs open on the B-Town page, the connection may time out, so please try restarting your device.

⑤Please check on another device (PC or tablet)

At this time, we have received reports from customers using AQUOS/OS version Android 13/security software on Android devices that they are unable to view videos.
If you have another device such as a PC or tablet, you may be able to watch the video by logging into B-Town from your browser.

Install the browser "Firefox" and check using "Firefox"

We have received reports from people in target 5 that they can now watch videos after installing Firefox.

Therefore, if you cannot watch the video, please install "Firefox", search for B-Town like you would on Google, log in to the limited page and check the video.

[If using Android]

[If using an iPhone]

*If the problem is not resolved even after trying ① to ⑥ above

Please contact us by filling out the following information on the B-Town inquiry form .

① Have you installed "Firefox"? *When installing from now on, we recommend that you restart your device and perform any updates before installing the "Firefox" app.
②Device type (iPhone/Android)
③ Model name ④ OS version ⑤ Whether you use security software ⑥ Area you live in (if you live overseas, etc.)
⑦ Whether the situation changes by switching Wi-Fi/mobile communication ⑧ Whether other videos (excluding fan club) can be viewed ⑨ Is an error displayed on the screen that cannot be played? *If an error occurs, I would appreciate it if you could write the wording of the error.