Videos on limited pages cannot be viewed

If you cannot watch the videos on the restricted page, please try the following:

①Please check if it is open in your browser (Chrome or Safari)

If you open the video in the "in-app browser" of Instagram, Twitter, or the email app, this may be the reason why the video is not displayed correctly.

Check for updates to your device

To find out how to update, search for "device name update method" in Google search. *Depending on the timing of updates, the latest version may not be supported.

②Please check for updates to your browser, such as the Chrome app.

Please check the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) for apps that require updates. We recommend updating to the latest version before using the app. *Depending on the timing of updates, the latest version may not be supported.

3) Try listening by switching between Wi-Fi and mobile internet

④Restart your device.

If you have multiple tabs open on the B-Town page, your connection may be timing out. Please try restarting your device.

⑤Check on another device (PC or tablet)

At this time, we have received reports from customers using Android AQUOS devices with OS version Android 13 and security software that they are unable to watch videos.
If you have a different device such as a PC or tablet, you may be able to watch the videos by logging in to B-Town via your browser.

⑥Install the browser "Firefox" and check the page using "Firefox"

Subject ⑤ also reported that he was able to watch videos after installing Firefox.

Therefore, if you cannot view the video, please install Firefox, search for B-Town just like you would on Google, and log in to the exclusive page to view the video.

[Android users]

[If you are using an iPhone]

*If trying ① to ⑥ above doesn't solve the problem

Please contact us via B-Town's inquiry form (chat format) with the following information:

① Have you installed "Firefox"? *If you are installing it now, we would appreciate it if you would restart your device and update it if there are any, before installing the "Firefox" app.
②Type of device (iPhone/Android)
③ Model name ④ OS version ⑤ Use of security software ⑥ Area of ​​residence (if you live overseas, etc.)
⑦Does switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data change the situation? ⑧Are you able to watch other videos (excluding fan club videos)? ⑨Is an error message displayed on the screen that cannot be played? *If an error message is displayed, it would be appreciated if you could include the wording of the error.