Recommended settings for those using carrier email addresses

If you use carrier email, you may experience problems with notifications from B-Town (e.g. not receiving the winning email for the Architect event).
Please check the following information and consider responding.

[Problems that are occurring]

・Cannot receive BMSG/B-Town emails ・BMSG/B-Town emails go into spam mail ・Cannot display images attached to notifications from BMSG/B-Town ・Reply to emails that require a reply・Unable to reply with an image attachment or reply with a long message (when using SMS/Message app)

[Method of countermeasures]

① Change your email address (gmail or yahoo recommended)
② Please configure your domain settings ③ Please review your spam email settings ④ Please check other settings

Please check the following for countermeasures.

① How to change your email address ★Recommended

You can change your email address by clicking the " Edit Account" button on the " Welcome Back" My Account screen.

*You can also log in from the human-shaped mark (user icon) at the top right of the screen.

▼Click here if you would like to obtain a new email address
*Proceed to Google's new registration (create email address) screen.

・If the email address has a history of using BMSG SHOP, an error will be displayed when changing the email address.
-When changing your email address, there will be no confirmation of receipt, so please be careful not to change your email address to the wrong one.
・If you change your email address, the email address you use next time you log in will also change.
・If you want to change to an email address that has a usage history, you cannot combine your order history.
・If you are unable to change your email address, please submit the email address change request form .

②Domain settings

If you have specified e-mail reception/rejection settings, please configure your settings so that you can receive e-mails from the domains [], [], and [].
*Please contact your email address provider or mobile carrier for confirmation/setting instructions.

Each mobile phone company has a high level of anti-spam email measures by default, and as a result, there are many cases where emails are not delivered. Even if you are not aware of your own anti-spam measures, please be sure to check them.

③ Spam email settings

■For those using docomo address
Please refer to the following website for information on how to check if an email has been marked as spam.
» For those using the standard email app for iPhone/iPad
»For those using the Docomo Mail app on AndroidTM smartphones
*Move to the docomo site.

■For those using au address (
When using au, "Impersonation Restrictions" is set to (High) by default. If this "impersonation restriction" is set to (high), there is a possibility that the email will not be delivered at all.
Be sure to change "Impersonation Restrictions" to (Low).

■For those using Softbank address (

If your spam filter is set to "strong", your emails may be blocked. Set to "Standard" or "OFF".

④Please check other settings.

■Is your email over capacity? You may not be able to receive emails if your mailbox is over capacity or your smartphone is over capacity.

■Update your email app
■Change your email app to a different one You may not be able to receive emails due to the effects of your email app.
*Please contact your email app provider or mobile carrier for confirmation and settings.